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bug hunting robots

paul and i went for a bug hunt this afternoon while my mother watched nola. not much of a choice outside around noonish - guess it's too hot? all we saw were wasps, bees, flies and ants. the spider webs were all dried out. paul, much to my amusement, tried to step on every fly he saw on the ground.

paul: i'm fly attacker robot 2000!

i asked him why he disliked flies. "they eat your food," he said.

during our walk, two boys in a go-kart passed by us. "i'll race your lawnmower," one boy yelled to a gardener driving by. paul was intrigued. when we got home, we found a picture of a go-kart and emailed it to cam with a request to build one. i think bug hunts would certainly go faster if we had a go-kart.



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