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when we go out with the baby, we either carry her or wear her (usually a combo of the two). we've only used the stroller outside the house maybe once so far. it's just easier to pull a sling out of my diaper bag and use it than it is to drag the stroller around. it does make trying on clothes a little difficult, but how often do i get to do that, anyway? (and honestly, how many times have i left the house in the last three months?)

on sunday nola got a lot of attention from strangers. people were coming up to us and smiling and asking her name and age. now, if you've been to a mall -- any mall -- in the last ten thousand years, you know that the place is positively lousy with strollers. there is no dearth of cute little babyfaces at a mall. (and as much as i love my pudgy little girl, i am not so deluded to think that she was the only child there worth looking at.) but think about it -- how often do people stop folks with strollers to peer into one and coo? i don't think i've ever done it myself and i always try to sneak peeks at babies. i figured people were talking to us because you could actually see nola. cam made a good point about it being a lot more intrusive to look into a stroller. strollers are personal space.

the more i think about it, the more i think that people see strollers more than the contents of them. more often than not, they're just in the way. maybe it's just because the areas we don't really live in a babywearing kind of place, but people seem to notice the sling right away and then the baby in it. i got a lot of strange looks from stroller users, but i'm getting used to it. i like wearing nola. of course, it's no fun when she cries because she's that much closer to my ears, but she can usually be soothed relatively quickly. (lately she's been doing it herself by shoving her entire hand into her mouth and noisily sucking.)

i know as she gets older, we'll need to use the stroller, so her time as a pseudo-celeb will be coming to an end, but... i will enjoy it while it lasts. yes, she is beautiful, thank you very much.



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