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friendliest skies

the last two days we've been playing "airplane," which involves sitting on paul's loft bed and talking about how we're in a plane. today we were a medical crew. nola needed to be airlifted to a hospital because she had a rare pooping condition that required excessive diaper changes. while en route, paul decided that there was "a baby growing" in the seat next to me.

me: growing?
me: you mean like nola?
paul: it's not born yet.
me: there's a pregnant woman on this plane?
paul: look, there's another one over there!

it took some time, but i finally got out of paul that these babies were growing in peapods. the pods expanded as the babies grew and then eventually split open -- leaving you with a tiny full-grown baby. at one point i think we had at least fifty babies on board.

a bunch of little throw pillows served as the "electrical" system. they were moved around and rearranged as paul deemed necessary.

i spent a lot of time buckling imaginary babies (and paul) into their seats.

he insisted we needed to wear pilots' hats and pulled out two freebie hats that looked like cycling caps. pointing at the large "pepsi" on the brim, paul told me it said "pilot." then he smirked.

like any good traveler, he wanted snacks. after i told him that we couldn't eat in his bed, he decided we should move to the living room. funny how five pillows and a couple of imaginary five-point harnesses can transform a plain sectional into a sectional plane.



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