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happy 4th

happy 4th of july. hope your celebrations were enjoyable and safe.

we had lunch with cam's family today. after lunch, his cousin, her fiance and new baby (exactly one month older than nola) came over, which was cool because we've been meaning to visit them for a while now. in the evening, cam and paul watched fireworks over there while nola, my mom and i spent the evening at home. i was a little concerned nola would be freaked out by the noise, so i nursed her to sleep with the blanket covering her ears. she wriggled a bit when the booms were a little much, but that was about it. i would have to say this was probably the most lowkey 4th of july ever since we had kids.

(my sister-in-law reminded me of last year's greatest moment: paul was standing on a stepstool with his fingers in his ears. his chin started to itch, but he couldn't do anything about it because said fingers were in said ears. he wailed, "uuuuhhh, scratch my chin!")



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