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in defense

was reading something today in which some folks were bashing our stroller (no, not our stroller specifically -- god, grace has the worst stroller -- but the make and model, if you will), and i got rather irritated. i mean, jesus, what has bugaboo ever done to you?

i know a few days ago i wrote something which could have been taken as anti-stroller, but i'm not really anti-stroller. i do love our frog. we bought it in 2003 and we took good care of it. we're not getting a new stroller for nola -- i'm considering purchasing a new custom hood just because i want to doll up the navy blue a little, but that's it. it looks great (paul was never really a fan of riding once he became a toddler, honestly) and it still steers like a dream. yes, it does have some drawbacks -- the fold is a little awkward, it cost more than we would have liked -- but it's been very useful. we didn't buy it because it was trendy or fashionable or because someone on "sex and the city" had one. we first heard of it when we read a mention of it in baby bargains (it was a negative mention, obviously). out of curiosity, we did some research. eventually CAM was the one who chose it. he liked the steer, he liked the feel, he liked the design. i had been leaning towards an inglesina zippy, i think, so i was pretty horrified by the price difference. (oh, you should have seen my pregnant tantrum when i realized cam bought it without using ebates or any other kind of a discount program!) regardless, it's a fab stroller and i do look forward to using it once nola's a bit bigger and babywearing becomes a little less comfortable.

just because a lot of people have sold theirs doesn't mean it's total crap. who said every product had to work for everyone? and even if someone bought a bugaboo because it was trendy, if it makes that person happy, what's the problem? egads, parents can be so judgmental. don't you just love mommy drive-bys?



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