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invented dinner

paul was eating wagon wheels with tomato sauce for dinner. he noticed a bowl of cooked wagon wheels sans sauce on the counter and proceeded to eat them, too. then he noticed a jar of craisins (courtesy of my mother) on the counter and asked for those, too.

paul: can i put the craisins with the wagon wheels?
me: uh, you can, but i wouldn't -- i was thinking we could eat them with oatmeal tomorrow since we're out of raisins.

curiosity got the better of him and he mixed some craisins in with the plain wagon wheels.

paul: you know what i call these?
paul: cran-wheels.

then he insisted i eat some. all i have to say is thank goodness he didn't mix the craisins with the tomato sauce. i'm not sure i would have been able to eat that with a straight face.



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