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life at home

so... during my past life as an adult working outside the home, paul would spend every wednesday and every other friday with cam's dad. oddly enough, during my temporary current life on house arrest, paul has been spending practically every day with cam's dad. you'd think he'd want to spend more time with his mother, but it seems to be the opposite. sometimes it hurts my feelings a little bit -- i'll think that we're getting along SO well -- or maybe that he's mad at me and is choosing to lash out by shunning my company -- but sometimes i'm all, "go on, get out of here, good riddance!" it's not that i don't want to spend time with both my kids, but inevitably there will be a moment when everything is happening/everyone is talking or screaming or crying at the same time and i want to cover my ears and holler "eeeek!"

paul's imitation of me saying, "everything's going on at the same time!" is note-perfect. he lives to mock me, i suspect.

a few days ago, i had the rather unique experience of both children pooping at the same time: paul was in the bathroom while i was changing nola's diaper. then the phone rang (cam), so i hurriedly fastened nola's diaper and ran to the phone. didn't put the diaper cover on. big mistake. she pooped again and warm wet babyshit was soon running all over my hand and down my arm. paul laughed hysterically from the bathroom. poor cam, the stuff he must have heard. (the same thing happened the next day, minus the phone and the diaper explosion. i swear, these children are in cahoots.)

i'm glad that paul adores his little sister. the lack of "pay attention to me!" does make life easier, but i could do without him crawling all over her, trying to carry her, trying to pick her up, dragging her around the couch, etc. (i could also do without my mother's irritation and panic with paul's mild rough-housing and less-than-gentle caresses.) the way he tells me that she wants something that he really wants -- as if he were the royal translator -- sometimes makes me roll my eyes. don't feed me that bullshit, i do not believe that the infant wants a frozen lemonade.

i think as far as keeping paul home with me, this maternity leave has been an absolute failure. however, as far as keeping my sanity, having paul not here all the time has been a wee bit of a blessing. (oh, the guilt i feel by putting that in writing...)



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