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never too sick to play house

i've spent the last few days in a sickly grumpy fog*, but that doesn't mean i've been too foggy to think about home decor and spend money. we've finally figured out how to solve the fireplace-cover issue (we have an unused fireplace that has been "temporarily" blocked off with cardboard and clear packing tape for at least three years), necessary fabrics have been ordered for said fireplace issue and curtain for large living room window, small cheap patio rug has been ordered (and received) for putting below kangeroo climber on the deck in the backyard, the second dining room bench cushion is almost done, and i determined that the mibo clacket lane wallpaper in cream would be a little too busy for the living room. (oh, and i hit up the tea collection sale for pretty nola-gear.) now i'm contemplating a small club chair for the library and wondering if alphabet stickers on plain white knobs would be a good way to label shoe drawers.

clearly i really like making work for myself.

*timeline: tuesday cam came home from work and sent me straight to bed because i apparently looked like death. wednesday nola and i slept for most of the day (she seemed to have a bit of a fever). thursday i was tossed back into solo duo-child-care a little too quickly and felt it. paul mocked me when i felt faint. by friday i was still sick-feeling, but doing much better. saturday was fine.



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