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new big boy space

with the help of the other adults living in this house, i've been slowly revamping paul's room.

*picked out two fabrics (a turquoise with leaves and a red with spiderwebs) and my mother covered a bunch of mismatched throw pillows with them. these pillows now live under paul's loft bed.

*took down paul's navy blue tabtop curtains and replaced them with white rod-pocket roman shades. they were too heavy for the thin wooden curtain rods we had in there, so i replaced them with cafe rods. much nicer. also sewed a line of red rickrack to the shades to dress them up a little.

*cam bought a homasote alternative from home depot so i could make giant (and cheap) bulletin boards. found a cheap neutral linen fabric and covered three 2' x 4' boards with it. (god, how i love a staple gun.) tacked a line of red rickrack to top for color. came up with this idea after realizing that painters tape can be unkind to construction paper preschool art projects.

*moved paul's growing collection of books to another room so that i could stash more toys in there.

eventually i'll paint the room a pale turquoise (will have to do so before i return to work), but until i can do that, i think these mini projects are freshening up the space quite nicely.



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