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same but different

went to a local vegetarian restaurant for the first time since they changed ownership (when was that, like 3-4 years ago?). the sign outside had gotten really weatherbeaten, so i figured that if they had let the outside get so shabby, how could i be confident that they had kept up the inside, too? lest you think i'm too shallow, i had also read bad things about the changing of the guard, so that also gave me a reason to stay away. but recently they redid the sign, so we decided to give them a chance (plus they got an a from the health dept. and we lost a local mexican place we used to frequent). well, the menu is the same, but the food is not as good as we had remembered it. the texture of the "chicken" was a little off (how funny it is for me to say that) and the special blend brown rice was soggy. the "beef" was okay. but the dry sauteed green beans were good, as was the braised tofu. so... we'll be back, i guess, but not nearly as often as in the past. alas.



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