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at bedtime this evening i was reading selections from wonders of nature to paul. this particular book was published by parents magazine back in 1974 and it is utterly bizarre. (my mother said it was my book because it was published in 1974. i myself was published in 1975, so i was amused that she quite possibly bought me a book before i was born.) tonight we read about insects and marine life. what astonished me the most was the book's repeated assertion that animals are really important because people eat them:

"Fish are good to eat. They are full of vitamins and minerals, which help make us big and strong."

"Crab meat is good to eat... Market Crabs have much meat and are an important food for man."

"Shrimp make tasty food."

"Most of the Tuna's meat is put into cans and sent all over the world for us to eat."

"Sea Bass usually weigh about two to five pounds and are very good to eat."

"Catfish are very hardy and can live out of water longer than most fish. Many people like to eat Catfish."

"Even though [Sunfish] are small, they make a tasty meal."

eeesh. i guess back in 1974, the only good fish was the one on your plate. (don't even get me started on the entry for crocodiles -- apparently the importance of crocodiles to humanity can be measured in leather goods and perfume.)



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