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the lost weekday(s)

i keep losing days.

this morning i woke up in a panic because i thought we had forgotten to put out the trash. cam has decided to change his work-from-home day from wednesday to friday, but hasn't done it yet. trash day is friday. cam was here today, so i automatically assumed it was friday. riiight.

yesterday i was looking at the sell-by date on a raw veggie tray - 7/13. i looked at the calendar. knowing it was tuesday, i assumed it was the 15th and the veggies were therefore past the date. eh, i thought, and put them back in the fridge. good thing i did because i would have been so freaking mad at myself if i had thrown them out prematurely.

maybe the first thing i need to do each morning is actually think about the date. when i was at work, i date-stamped everything so i always knew what day it was, but something tells me that the children would not appreciate being date-stamped.



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