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aches, pains and boylessness

i seem to have caught myself a minor case of mastitis or something along those lines. been feeling feverish and achy lately -- it actually started on saturday, but five tylenol later i was feeling fine all sunday through monday evening. i had cold sweats before bed, was freezing throughout the night, and then was dripping with sweat in the morning. lovely.

even though i wanted to keep paul with me, cam was adamant that he spend the day with his grandfather so that i could rest. paul was pretty happy to hear his change of plans! (he was such a sweetie this morning -- he got up while we were asleep and watched tv without sound so as to not wake me up. when i got up, he brought out some little dishes so we could have a tea party.) he's gone now, so nola and i are just slumming about the house. i want to tidy up, but i feel pretty crappy. maybe after a nap...



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