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about a week or so ago, i got a catalog in the mail for fancy kids clothing. i found a shirt with a spider on it and thought paul might like it. i showed him the catalog and he was meh, but he was all fired up about the idea of a spider shirt. (figures.) so we went on an online spider hunt and eventually ordered one from a store called "gimos."

gimos is apparently the gap of argentina or something like that. since i don't shop at the gap, i was amused to find myself shopping at a foreign alternative. the shirt was a little pricey (okay, make that a lot pricey for a long-sleeved t-shirt), but turns out that it is a great shirt. soft and sturdy, washes up pretty good (had to air-dry it, though, for the sake of the spider) -- all that is fine and dandy, but the spider is actually really cool and fuzzy! nice detailing. paul insisted on putting it on immediately. plus the shirt arrived quickly, wrapped in orange tissue in a white shirtbox tied with an orange ribbon. there was also a logoed orange ballpoint pen and a matching notepad. very pleasant touch.

i'm not sure if i'll be ordering again from them anytime soon, but if they one day again have a shirt that corresponds to paul's next obsession, i would buy it from them without hesitation.



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