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impulsive water feature

on monday night i got the wacky idea to start up our old pond again (we drained it after many, many trials and tribulations -- pump/filter issues, string algae, goldfish overpopulation and voracious raccoons, oh my!). but this time i wanted more plants and only enough fish to handle the mosquitoes. i talked to my mom about it -- using bricks to raise some potted plants (we already have some thriving horsetail) and then buying a few lilies, etc. -- and she was more than game. cam and i have talked about reviving the pond many, many times (and as many different things, i.e. bog garden, massive firepit), but it struck me that if we didn't just do something, it would sit empty for all eternity because we were planning ourselves into something too elaborate and time-consuming to do without devoting half our lives to it. after some thought, i made the clearly logical decision to just half-ass it and see what happens!

today i put in some bricks and started filling the pond with water. my mom went on a plant reconnaissance mission to a local nursery. paul wants the pond to look like an artificial coral reef. cam just smiles at all of our nonsense.

(by the way, the pond is a 10' aboveground round concrete monstrosity that came with the house. i wouldn't mind demolishing it, but the backyard is clearly built around it, and the cost of removal of the pond and the stone walkway around it and fixing the deck just doesn't appeal.)



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