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today my mother, nola and i went to the nursery my mother visited yesterday. there we met up with the nice elderly gentleman she had spoken with about water lilies and other water plants. we ended up with two lilies (one purple, one red), a papyrus and a water hyacinth. (i suspect she'll be back there in a few days to pick up more lilies.) i said i would pay, but she decided that she would -- she was really getting quite excited about the project. i agreed, but warned her not to get too attached to any fish this time because she bawled her eyes out when the raccoons hit our pond that one time and left fish heads and guts EVERYWHERE.

when we got home, it was a little too hot out to do much work, but we did put the lilies and the hyacinth in the water. i put the papyrus in a little bit later. unfortunately, the wind knocked the papyrus pot over, so i had to go back into the pond later in the day. (my mother actually had me move the papyrus twice. i was soaked the second time.)

it looks pretty nice, even though it's still rather empty. we'll need to get some dechlorinating stuff (we have chloramines in our water, which, unfortunately, doesn't just gas off like chlorine) soon, and i've already ordered some oxygenating plants that we couldn't find at that nursery. my mother plans to hit another garden center tomorrow, so who knows what she'll show up with afterwards. paul seems quite pleased with the whole thing.

it's nice when a project seems to be working...



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