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three lashes.

i am at fault because i didn't inspect my new breastpump right away. i go back to work on monday, and here i am, waiting until almost the very last minute to refamiliarize myself with the product. i used a medela pump-in-style at work for 13 months, so when cam brought the pump-in-style advanced home just under three months ago, i didn't bother checking because i knew it wasn't all that different from the original. when i opened it last night, all seemed well. then when i went to pump this morning, i discovered that the ac adaptor was frayed and "repaired" with electrical tape. i dug up the adaptor from my old pump (the pump died after hard usage) and cam noticed it was a different voltage. cam also noted that it was missing the battery pak AND the pump face looked dirty. huh. he called medela (and left a message with their answering service), then called target. even though the pump is clearly labeled as being non-returnable once opened, it was pretty damned obvious that the one we had had indeed been returned. the target rep cam spoke to told him to just return the pump since it was still within the 90 day returnable period, so he did and got me a new pump (he inspected it at the store and was satisfied that it had all the parts). much to my surprise, the new pump and my old pump use the same ac adaptor, so the one in the previous box was just wrong.

target is at fault not just because they accepted a return on something that they should not have, but because they put it back out on the shelves. excuse me, this is for a breastpump. these things are supposed to be non-returnable for health reasons, not because of a final clearance sale or some shit like that. they had no choice but to accept the returned item yet again (from us) because we bought it in good faith that NO ONE else had ever owned/used it, but if they had stuck to the freaking policy in the first place, we wouldn't have had to bring it back. just cluelessness. they wouldn't be the first store to have employees not fully cognizant of what it is they are selling.

to the person who returned the breastpump in the first place: i don't even know what to say. i know pumps are expensive, but how dare you even try to return a single-user item? i am so horrified. and what was the deal with the missing pieces and ac adaptor? frayed wires messily wrapped in a knob of electrical tape? you have got to be kidding. cam told me that the manufacture date on the pump he returned was in 2006 (the new one he brought me was made in 2008). did you buy and return this one just so you could swap out the pieces you needed? i hope you realize you are feeding your baby milk tainted with lies and selfishness.

jesu christo, who would have guessed that there would be so much drama involved in something like this?



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