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i've been really spending far too much time thinking about what i should be wearing. for the first time ever, i'm really trying to focus on what is flattering, not what is comfortable or what is inexpensive or better yet, what is black.

it's kind of funny, but yesterday may have been the first time i ever thought to look for fashion advice for a short torso. considering i've had a short torso all my life, you'd think i would have done this eons ago. i was aghast to discover that apparently i've been dressing someone else's body because much of what i like to wear makes me look shorter and rounder. not that i've noticed, though, because i am short and round.

today i came across a site called myshape. you log in, answer some questions, put in some measurements, and voila! you have a "personal store" with clothes in your recommended sizes and styles. out of curiosity (and because there was a $25 off coupon code for the initial order), i ordered a few things. what was astonishing to me was that so much of the stuff in this store wasn't sized for petites, so i have no idea how these items will fit me. i was also more than a little astonished (and distressed) by the recommended sizes. of course, i do suspect that some pregnancy weight -- and postpartum/nursing boobage -- accounts for the sizing, but still. clinton and stacy always say to dress for the body you have, not the body you used to have/want to have/could have with lipo/a personal trainer/eating disorder, so i'm trying to be open-minded.

i feel like i've ordered far too many items of clothing lately, but it's all in the name of experimentation... and having something to wear when i go back to work (the boobage doesn't quite fit in most of my shirts). i thought i was more or less back to my prepregnancy size, but myshape's recommended sizes are telling me that i'm not quite there yet.



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