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sing a song

paul breaks into song quite frequently. i almost wish i had a dance i could teach him so that i could pretend that i lived in a musical. how awesome that would be. we could be chatting or something, and then bam! song and dance!

his song of choice at the moment is a hawaiian war chant (at least that's what he tells me). at first he just hummed it. then i'd occasionally hear a few words. the other day he just busted out with the whole song. (i apparently failed to realize that he had been in the process of learning the song.) on the way to san diego we heard it many, many times.

sometimes paul will sing the alphabet to the tunes of all the songs he knows. sometimes he sings 1-10 in (somewhat garbled) spanish to those same tunes. i tell you, you just haven't lived until you've heard spanish numbers being sung to the tune of "taba naba."

i'm thinking that maybe i want to introduce him to some of MY music. after all, he has shown a tiny spark of interest in some crowded house stuff (he greatly enjoyed their live earth set), and i think that the alphabet in the tune of "fall at your feet" could be pretty cool.



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