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lest you think that the pond has been completely taken over by my mother, i want you to know that i'm almost as bad as her. (almost.) she may be doing things the old-fashioned way -- reading books (which i bought a long time ago), driving around, calling nurseries -- but i've got the interwebs on my side. i've been reading up on ponding, i've already ordered a bunch of plants online that we haven't been able to locate locally, and yesterday i added a new friend to the pond: a little solar lily pad fountain. it was cheap and rather silly, but it adds a nice little trickly sound to what i had originally envisioned to be a still and silent water feature. i don't expect it to last all that long, but at least it'll be cute while it lasts. we added a mosquito killer to the pond last night, so next stop: minnow-land.

sure, i would love to have a full-scale fountain and fancy filtering systems so i could have more interesting fish, but when it comes down to it, raccoons just love eating interesting fish and yanking electrical cords out of the pond. hopefully those mean little (and big) guys will leave my little solar fountain and mosquito eaters alone.



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