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with paul at his grandparents' house and my mom off getting a pedi and running errands, i figured that nola and i would sleep all day. as usual, it didn't work out that way. yes, nola took a really nice long nap, but i kept myself busy, picking up around the house and doing laundry.

i also found my little stash of business suits from the good old days prior to the intro of everyday business casual. (boy, was i pissed. in retrospect, i should have been relieved, but i was mad because i had just spent a few hundred on suits. and since i've been working there for the last ten years, it's not like i needed them for interviews.) i've been thinking about donating my suits to a nonprofit for disadvantaged women for a long time now. they're pretty classic (minus the periwinkle dress/jacket combo my aunt and mother bought for me) and in very good condition (and in sizes i will probably NEVER wear again), so i'd be honored if someone wanted to use them for job interviews and the like. i've found an organization that has a pick-up station nearby, so i might just have to trek over to torrance to drop them off.



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