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tape is a boy's best friend

for a while now paul has been playing a game called "____ hunt." it might be a bug hunt, a spider hunt, a natural disaster hunt, a sea creature hunt -- but whatever it is, the game involves hiding pictures of whatever all over the house, and then dragging cam along to show him where said pictures are hidden. and then pictures are taken. (unless you're talking about a bug hunt or spider hunt outside the house -- those involve dragging cam outside with a camera to take pictures of said items. and then there is all the fun of cropping those pictures! yeah, i don't get it.)

in the early days of these hunts, he used to hide plastic spiders, pictures cut from magazines, drawings by adults in his life. lately he has taken to doing his own drawings and they are surprisingly good (says his mother). there has been another change -- in the beginning these hunted items were just lying around. now they must be taped down with blue painters tape. i now have a purple starfish (which i drew and colored at paul's request) taped over my bed.

paul loves the blue tape and is constantly asking for tape loops so he can stick stuff up. (yesterday he taped something to a plant. sigh.) we currently have at least three rolls in use and i am trying really hard to keep them out of paul's hands. i've stored them (along with other rolls of tape) in a box on a shelf, but cam keeps getting them down for paul and then forgets to put them away. then they have the audacity to ask me where the tape is. um, same place where your MIND is hiding?

this evening i was forced to do almost all of the drawing. i had to draw a megalodon, a starfish and a reef shark sans fins because he wanted to draw the fins himself. then i had to cut them out because he couldn't remember where his safety scissors were, and then i had to get the tape and tear off little pieces so he could make loops. he kept asking me, "what sea creature should i draw?" but i guess he actually meant "what sea creatures should you draw?" (the other day he had us draw shells and he piled them up on a balled-up blanket and declared it was a coral reef. it was cute for about a minute, then he started whining when i dared to lift nola off the boppy because apparently she, too, was a denizen of the reef.)

i'm getting sick of the taped stuff. in the past, i could pick up the volcanoes/spiders/worms/fish-spitting-out-an-ostracod myself and put them in an envelope in his room. but the taped stuff... if i even suggest taking them down or moving them, i get shrieked at like i just stuffed his best friend in the dishwasher. or god forbid, suggested he eat what the rest of us are having for dinner. we have a firefly squid taped above the linen cabinet, a clam on the floor, a tinier clam on the tansu, a whale above the alarm keypad, a reef shark taped to the bedroom wall, a giant squid on the fireplace, a humboldt squid taped to the computer room doorframe, etc. etc. etc. i am constantly finding these damned things all over the freaking house. i don't mind the hunting games, but the tape, the blasted tape...



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