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three shopaholics

girls' day out: my mom, nola and i went clothes shopping today. no place special, just del amo mall. it was shockingly successful -- i ended up with four sleeveless tops and a little cropped jacket, and my mom bought a pretty blouse and her first pair of jeans in years.

we had a great time, and i learned a few things:

1) trying on clothes doesn't have to be an awful experience. just say [quietly/silently] to yourself, "it's the clothes that are wrong, not my body." repeat ad nauseum.

2) i actually have nice arms and shoulders. (yay!)

3) it's fun to encourage my mother to try new things (especially when she is in the mood for a change).

4) it's possible to buy non-petite stuff that fits.

5) color is a good thing.

6) the cropped swing jacket/longer shirt trend is shockingly flattering.

7) "what not to wear" actually does make shopping more fun.

8) buying nice stuff for the postpartum body can be a huge morale boost.

i tried to go into this shopping trip with an open mind and it worked, both for clothing for myself AND for my views on shopping with my mother.



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