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visiting the workplace

nola and i went to work yesterday while cam and paul visited the museum of natural history. from what i heard afterwards, it sounded like they had more fun, but our little trip was pretty nice. nola was a bit hit -- she smiled a lot and was pretty quiet. people kept raving over her hair and eyes. much to my amusement, everyone wanted to touch her chubby little legs and feet. (in the lobby, a strange woman came running up to us. "i don't know you or your baby, but i have to touch her little feet! so juicy!") i didn't get to see everyone i had planned to see, but she was getting a little grumpy.

yes, i can and will use my child as an excuse for not stopping on attorney floors or running down to records across the street.

one of my assistants is a single never-married guy in his early thirties. his girlfriend is staunchly anti-baby. yet he was cuddling and nuzzling nola like he had just spent the last several years raising a dozen babies of his own. we were all startled. my other assistant nodded at his camera. "i'm getting all of this, trust me."

i dreaded the visit, but it went by surprisingly quickly and pleasantly. i feel a little bad that i didn't do it sooner -- i am going back to work on monday, after all -- but oh well, they should be happy we came at all.



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