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my mom's 70th birthday is coming up. i'm finding it a little hard to believe that she's going to be 70 -- i think she is, too. i've been asking her if she wants a party or something, but she makes faces at me. so to celebrate her birthday, i'm buying her the fanciest handbag she will ever own: the epi alma in cassis. no, i didn't buy it so i could borrow it -- although i could! -- but because 1) she regularly carries a fake multicolore alma so i know she likes the size and shape (it was a gift; no, not from me), 2) she loves purple, 3) she would never spend this much money on herself, and 4) it's her 70th birthday, fer chrissakes. i can't take credit for this idea, though -- cam offhandedly suggested it after we saw it at the lv store in costa mesa. i first scoffed, then instantly felt guilty for not thinking of it myself.

i hope she likes it... and i hope she never asks me the price.



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