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first day aftermath

so... paul didn't appear to enjoy the day too much.

he had a rough time, the teacher told us when we got him at the end of the day. poor thing. cam picked him up and he burst into tears. he insisted on being carried for most of the walk to cam's parents' house.

by the time we arrived at the house, he seemed to be in a better mood, but it pretty quickly turned to a case of the sulks. at one point, he grabbed a bunch of papers out of my hand and hid them. every question or comment got a reply of "good night," "i give up" or "i'm going to bed." cam had enough, so we took paul home instead of letting him play at their house. he cried a bit more.

the rest of the afternoon passed decently enough. with the help of a snack and some ice cream, he cheered up enough to answer some questions about school. he did some of his homework (still needs to finish it) and we played in the backyard while cam ran some errands.



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