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my fingernails are longer than they have ever been, i think. usually i just chop them off (takes about a minute a hand, so that should tell you the kind of care i give my hands), but this time i left them alone once i filed them into a somewhat squarish shape. i think the reason why these nails have survived is because i usually go for a more rounded/pointyish shape, and i usually get sick of that before they get too long. but now that i have started wearing rings as a part of my "new and improved" post-baby work look, i had the idea that i ought to, i don't know, give a shit about my nails. so -- voila! semi-ladylike hands that i can still use to type and change diapers. (texting on an iphone is a little harder.) i think i will go a bit shorter in the future, but it's nice when an experiment goes well.



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