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new accessories

you know, kindergarten, it would have been good to know in advance that you planned to give the kids legal-sized folders. we wouldn't have sent the child to school with a too-small backpack. and to think i laughed when i saw all the tiny kids with their enormous backpacks, thinking that we had done something clever by getting him one a little closer to his size. apparently we were the silly ones.

i'm a little bummed about his backpack. it's a cute little black ll bean one with storm chaser patches (did i write about how i accidentally sewed a pocket shut when i sewed the patches on the first time? note how i say "the first time." i would have left them -- what does he need pockets for, anyway? -- but i felt guilty.) sewn on it. he used it in preschool and it still looked a little big on him, but i guess not big enough. cam picked a new one up from rite-aid. the new one is perfectly nice and i'll be sewing on a spider patch tomorrow night, but i'm still sad about the old one.

i'm also sad about his lunchbox. i got a sort-of matching one from ll bean with a spider patch on it -- and i packed his food in a cute little plastic bento box with his soymilk in a thermos -- and it didn't meet paul's standards. nope, he wants a brown paper bag, soymilk in a juicebox-type thing, and food in ziplocs. (all attempts at reducing waste have been thrown out the window.) now this, i hope this is a phase. i don't mind the ziplocs and the milkbox so much, but why scuttle the lunchbox? i can totally see cam saying, "you know, boys don't care about this stuff," but dammit, this is a boy who picked grape crocs as his shoes of choice. was i so offbase to think he might actually care about a lunchbox?



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