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not always a talker

i don't really know how or what paul is doing at school because he won't really talk about it. this doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong (like the child is hiding his misery) -- he is known to only talk about the things he wants to talk about, and school has NEVER been something he's wanted to talk about. he doesn't like to talk (at least not extensively) about places he's been or things he's done or even things he's seen (unless, of course, those things are bugs or other cool science-y things). i understand that this is how is he is and i don't try to badger him about it. (cam is better at drawing him out, but even he hits tot-sized brick walls a lot of the time.) i figure that he'll talk about stuff when he's ready (after all, it's not like he's silent, he's just mum on certain subjects), but part of me wonders if my laissez-faire attitude is making him even less inclined to speak.

that said, my sister-in-law said that paul told her he cried "just a little bit" today, so it sounds like the kinder-life is improving. i just hope that he won't have to start from scratch again on monday.



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