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am getting rid of the flat boots i wore through the majority of my second pregnancy. it made me think of a long-ago conversation with a coworker in which i mentioned i had tossed the shoes i had worn everyday during my first pregnancy (a pair of naot clogs). they were beat-up, flattened, stretched out and i could barely stand the sight of them once the swelling in my feet went away.

"but you could have saved them for the next time you get pregnant," she protested.

i just looked at her. if a look could say, "1. worn-out shoes are not the best thing for your feet and legs when you are carrying that much extra weight. 2. i feel fat and miserable when i'm pregnant, so why should i deny myself the pleasure of newer shoes? 3. there's such a thing as being too cheap. 4. you can't talk to me about anything to do with clothing or anything else i put on my body because you're still wearing some maternity clothes and your baby's over a year old. bitch, please," then that would be that look.



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