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today i learned -- god know why it took me so long -- that many asians have trouble finding eyeglass and sunglass frames that fit properly. since i'm the center of my world (at least the part of the center that wears glasses and sunglasses), i just figured it was me. frames that sat on my face and skipped my nose completely, frames that squeezed my head enough to give me migraines, opticians that laughed as they adjusted the sides to curve completely down around the backs of my ears just so that the glasses wouldn't slide (and they still did), glasses that nearly fell off every time i bent to pick up a kid... well, i just chalked it up to having one big flat fathead.

but apparently it's a global epidemic. fancy that.

will my next pair of sunnies be oakley "asian fit" sunglasses? will i head to oliver peoples in costa mesa to scope out the special flatter frames? i don't know, but both of those ideas are sure tempting.



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