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happy birthday, dear boy! hope you are feeling well enough for a whole day of school -- i would consider keeping you out another day (i mean, it IS friday), but i hear you miss school. so go... and enjoy yourself.

a funny story about paul and school: on tuesday we worked from home, so we brought him to school ourselves. he told us in the car that when the bell rings and we see his teacher, we should leave. his teacher has been working with the kids on being independent and has been trying to keep parents from walking with their children in line to the classroom -- i guess it's been rubbing off on him. so there we were about 15-20 minutes later, standing by him as he waited in line on the playground when he suddenly blurted out, "there's my teacher. go!" i kissed him and rushed cam away (poor cam was all "wtf?"). but cam wanted to look for a certain little female friend of paul's who was apparently a little late for school, so we lingered by the gate to watch the kids go by. our very independent little paul saw us and waved multiple times when he got close. sweet boy. big enough to not need us to walk with him, but small enough to not get embarrassed when we are clearly loitering in his territory.



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