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about a year or so ago we received a little subscription request notice from highlights magazine. (we had subscriptions to turtle and humpty dumpty -- and nick jr. magazine at one point -- so i guess our names were in the great big kids magazine subscription system in the sky.) because i had super-fond nostalgia for highlights magazine from my childhood, we signed up for a subscription (even though i thought the magazine pretty much sucked by the time my childhood subscription ended -- the ones from the late '70s were really much better).

now i don't know if things were like this before. i didn't get the mail (was i tall enough to reach the mailbox?), so i don't know if highlights has always had A THOUSAND different spin-off "clubs," each with their own publications/invoices/account numbers. maybe they did and my parents wisely tossed them. in any event, we are not so wise: i signed paul up for one because he seemed interested. cam signed paul up for another -- in fact, paul painstakingly filled out part of the invitation card himself.

after about four months, i cancelled both of those club memberships. stuff was coming faster than paul could read it; i felt like i was constantly sending them money. and to be honest, some of these activities were a little old for him. maybe at some point in the future we can resume his memberships, but until then, those membership invites are going into the recycle bin the minute they show up in our mailbox. I MEAN IT.



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