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the last few days nola's cheeks have been rough and bright red. distressed, i suggested to cam that maybe i needed to cut something else out of my diet. he didn't consider that a good idea.

then he thought about what we had eaten recently -- and he remembered that we had jamba juice smoothies for dinner on saturday night. we all usually get the protein berry pizzazz (i think it's called the protein berry workout now?), which is just strawberries, banana, soymilk and a soy protein boost. i've been drinking these for years. we usually don't have problems with this, but once they rolled out the option for a whey boost instead of a soy one, cam (as the person who actually goes to buy the smoothies) has had to be hypervigilant to the possibility of mistaken identity (so to speak). at least once we've received a dairy-tainted smoothie. based on nola's rash and the minor anguish of my lactose-intolerant stomach, we suspect that a tainted smoothie was again the culprit.

it's been a few days and nola's face is clearing up. my stomach hurts less, too, which is nice but infinitely less important. my poor baby, i wish i were allergic to milk, too, so that i would have realized the contamination sooner. paul is old enough that he can immediately let us know when he's having a reaction, but we still have to speak for nola.



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