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sweet holiday (and the not-so-sweet)

another halloween is over and i managed to eat no candy whatsoever. but paul did pick up some candy, so i guess there is still the possibility i'll stuff my face with his stash when he's not looking...

paul didn't go to school today again. instead we went to the hospital for an emergency appointment. turns out he has bronchitis and an ear infection (it was the earache that brought us there), so he's on amoxicillin, mucinex/robitussin pe, motrin (for days) and tylenol (for nights). he was a whining mess all night thursday -- he and cam got very little sleep -- but after the first dose of amoxicillin he seemed much happier.

of course, because we would be absolute ogres otherwise, we did do some trick-or-treating in cam's parents' neighborhood. (i was pleased because goddammit, i made those costumes.) amusingly enough, people seemed to think nola wasn't a girl because she was dressed as a little brown spider. next year i guess i better make her a princess. paul was more interested in passing out candy than eating it or even trick-or-treating for it, so there wasn't much difference there from the year before. nola rolled all over the floor and kicked her little feet while watching the simpsons with great intensity.

i'm glad paul got some joy out of halloween. he missed school, he missed thursday's craft project, he missed the costume parade and the school festival, but i think he was reasonably happy enough. if he were a more outgoing kid, he may have mourned the loss more, but he's not -- so the day at home wasn't too much of a chore.



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