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sometimes it's for the best when the best laid plans go awry

this weekend has been a little slapdash, a little thrown together. we were supposed to go to san diego to celebrate paul's birthday -- sea world, the fleet science center, weekend in a hotel, fish & chips, etc. etc. etc. i was all set to take friday off so that i could get ready and pack, then we could pick up paul from school and be on our way. it was going to be great... but then we all got sick. paul was sick enough to miss two days of school. i was sick enough to break my self-imposed no-meds ban.

cam canceled the hotel reservations, i canceled my day off. yesterday we didn't do much of anything (except cough), but today we had a small family party for paul.

we (our usual crowd: cam's parents, sister and uncle; the four of us, and my mom) had a good time. paul has been generally less whiny since he turned five -- cam may disagree -- and he was in good spirits. he enjoyed his gifts, liked his cake, had fun smacking his pinata (after two pinatas at two birthday parties, he was more than ready for one of his own), and loved rolling around in the giga ball we bought him from target. everyone was happy.

it wasn't san diego, but it was still good. it may have even been better. there will always be time for the four of us to spend together, but we won't always get to share that time with other people who love us.



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