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tiny pincushion

last tuesday was nola's six-month check-up.

the appointment itself went fine. nola is growing and developing as she should be. her amusing weight gain has slowed a bit as she has become more mobile. she rolled, sat, grabbed and smiled. the ped was pleased. cam mentioned the allergy testing, and she not only agreed, she put in a request for a blood draw right after the appointment. (apparently this early they don't do skin tests. i feel like i should have known that, but i don't remember much beyond the stress of dealing with paul's allergies and the relief when his skin started to clear up.) so nola got her six-month shots and down to the lab we went.

it was the stuff of nightmares. tiny veins in tiny arms equals huge issues. the tech had us bring her to the back room so that she could lie down on the table. he called in another tech for assistance. i held nola's free arm and kept a hand on her stomach, cam held her legts. they stuck the needle in her arm and fished it around. no luck. we turned her so that they could try the other arm. this time i held her legs and cam held her free arm and stomach. they were finally successful. nola was screaming and sweating. i was frustrated and nearly ready to start crying, too.

the post-vax fever lasted about a day and a half, i think.

a few days later we got the results from her allergy testing -- the ped left a vm for us. much to our shock, she said nola was only allergic to egg whites. not milk, not wheat, not nuts. i was instantly skeptical because of our unofficial dairy results, but the news was still quite welcome. we're going to do a measured dairy test one of these days -- i'll try ONE serving of dairy and see how it affects her. now the task is to determine exactly what form that dairy will take... it's a huge relief that her allergies aren't as daunting as paul's were at that age, but even if they were, we've already lived through that once and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.



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