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beast of burden

motrin's new ad campaign baffles me. i saw a anti group on facebook regarding the ad, so i checked it out.

good freaking lord. how offensive. so... babywearing moms do so to make themselves look like "official" moms? it's the trend that moves us? bullshit. i don't doubt that there are mothers who do this because it's currently a popular thing to do. the easy availability of slings and carriers of all types certainly would indicate that people are buying them. supply and demand 101.

but if you are doing it properly, babywearing should not be painful. (about half of the coworkers i met while out and about with nola asked me the same thing: "is that comfortable?" i always emphatically said yes.) definitely not painful not to make you cry and take painkillers! however, after a day with nola at the backup daycare, i was pretty sore -- and i realized what they should have emphasized instead.

babywearing does not hurt. but because you are carrying your child hands-free, you might try to carry too much stuff with those available hands (and shoulders)! in addition to nola, i had my big heavy work purse, a big stuffed diaper bag and my lunch tote. i looked like a burro or something, panniers at the ready. when we got to work that morning, cam rearranged the diaper bag slightly so he could put my travel coffee cup in one of the bottle pockets. thank god he opened the door for me.

see, motrin, if you perhaps focused on the overachieverness of babywearing -- the self-inflicted packhorse syndrome? -- maybe you could have earned a few wry grins, maybe got a couple sheepish "yeah, that's me" comments. maybe some moms would have thought it was cute (unlike those brooke shields' "german engineering" vw commercials. wtf is up with that?). i'm already not a fan of motrin for other reasons, and damn, this certainly doesn't help.



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