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jingle bells, or of boys and presents

paul just informed me that we'll be singing a new song for christmas.

paul: happy christmas to you...

then for thanksgiving we get another song.

paul: happy thanksgiving to you...

he's been bringing me "presents" for the last 15 minutes -- books, toys, various small things he can wrap up in a halloween placemat. it's so nice to have him in a good mood that i don't mind the frequent interruptions. my last present consisted of two books, stickers, a hug and a kiss.

paul: you know why you're getting a lot of presents?
paul: it's because i heard the word "party."
paul: next time i'm going to give you a lot more presents.
paul: next time i'm going to give you fifty presents.

it's so funny how a single comment from cam about my firm's christmas party suddenly unleashed a whole bucket of cute from paul.



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