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joint gift

i've been sort of out of commission lately because i've been obsessing over a new plan.

the other day i went to cam with a new idea. i had read something on a parenting board about how other couples deal with christmas: gifts, yes or no? apparently "no." it seems more common to buy something for the house or take a trip or something along those lines. so i proposed to cam we do something similar. no gifts, just pool our cash and do something bigger. i tossed out the idea of buying some art or redoing the bathroom. cam had been grumbling about the layout lately, so he latched onto the idea of the bathroom right away. (he predictably scoffed at the idea of art.)

of course this means that i've been researching bathroom stuff like a fiend. our original bathroom remodel plans can't be reused because our tub and shower set were discontinued. i've been unable to locate a good substitute, so i've been working alternatives.

it's been fun, but i've neglected my writing, my "networking" (ah, dear facebook), my sleep. as much as i like doing this kind of stuff, part of me can't wait to just make a plan and move forward with it.



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