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while the rest of the family lounges around at cam's parents' house, paul and i are at home. he's having a time-out in his room -- for 90 minutes, he declared! -- because he hit cam with a baton. (no, not a police baton, more like a twirling one with water and glitter inside a clear tube.) i'm hoping that he'll take a nap because he claims he's tired, but we'll see. i'm sort of thinking in that direction for myself.

paul's biggest problem, i think, is that he seems to expect that a simple apology will get him off scot-free regardless of what he's done. come on now, whacking someone with a stick? he seems to think whatever he is doing is fine until he's in trouble. (then comes the apologies, the tears and the screams.) i don't care if this is "age appropriate behavior" (as in "all kids this age are testing limits, blah blah blah sensitiveparentingcakes"), that doesn't make this any less a pain in the ass.



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