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family festivities

yesterday my mom, nola and i went to a family christmas party. paul was sick, so cam stayed home with him.

the party was for relatives on my dad's side -- geographically close, blood distant. they are mostly nice people, but i still dreaded going because, well, i'm a hermit. my mom dreaded going, too, but i'm not entirely sure of her reasoning. she kind of leans toward hermit, too, but i think she had other reasons.

but... it turned out to be nice. we weren't able to sneak out as early as we would have liked, but we did have a good time. for once, someone made a dish i could eat. nola, of course, was a hit in the way that cute pudgy babies always are. a cousin snapped lots and lots of pictures of her. i was a little bummed that paul missed out on the mass gift-opening, but i did get to bring home a gazillion gifts. i see a lot thank-you card writing in our future.



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