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for the second time

this morning i got to work at 9 because cam and i went to paul's school. our dear boy has been named one of the students of the month (am pretty certain they have rigged it so that EVERY kindy kid gets to be student of the month), so we got a little handout the other day inviting us to an quick outdoor assembly set for last wednesday. the handout stated that the assembly would be postponed if it rained, so we crossed our fingers.

i woke up in the middle of the night to hear pouring rain. i sighed.

but by the time i got up in the morning, it wasn't raining anymore. cam, my mom, cam's dad, nola and i accompanied paul to school... only to discover that it was too wet outside for them to hold the assembly.

so off we went to work.

this morning it wasn't rainy, nor was it wet, so we tried again. this time, my mom stayed home because nola was still asleep.

it was just as well. while the main road was drenched in sunlight, the school was shrouded in fog. the assembly was postponed yet again.

tomorrow we have a parent-teacher conference before school, so we'll try again. if the third time is NOT the charm, then sweetie, i'm sorry, but i don't think i can go to work late four days in a row.



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