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i have discovered over the past year or so that i like wearing vests. a long time ago my mom left an old black fleece one in my house. one day i put it on -- and i've been wearing it ever since. with a long-sleeved gray tee, jeans and clogs, it's become my go-to casual outfit. embarrassingly enough, with a long-sleeved gray maternity tee, maternity jeans and clogs, it was also my go-to maternity casual outfit. i've been thinking that maybe it's time to get myself a new vest that actually fits me when i'm not 8-months pregnant, but part of me is a somewhat freaked out that i'm dressing like my mother. sure, i'm already dressing like her when i've got this vest on, but at long as i can say that i'm borrowing hers (even though she doesn't even remember that it is hers) rather than wearing my own, i feel a little bit less... previous generation.



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