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i bought three pairs of shoes yesterday morning, and courtesy of zappos' lightning-quick service, i've tried them on and have already determined that at least one pair is going back. that was the plan all along -- two of them are almost identical (round toe black leather pumps with three-inch heels). i got them both just so i could see which was more comfortable. amusingly enough, i'm keeping the cheaper pair. i did consider returning both and going for a pair of pointy-toes because the round-toes make my feet look wee, but i really like round-toed shoes. clinton and stacy would frown, i know.

i'm torn over the third pair -- almost knee-high black leather boots. for the first time ever, i have a pair of boots that are loose on top. like go-go boot loose. i have tried on countless pairs of boots, and knee-high boots have almost universally been too tight in the calf. i don't think i have huge calves, but the bootmakers of the world seem to want to prove me wrong. the last pair i bought had an elastic panel in the back, which made for a nice smooth fit, but i felt kind of funny about it, like my legs were wearing leather dickeys and if i turned around, it would expose the deception. (but they were crazy-comfortable and i wore them all throughout the last pregnancy to hide the cankles -- am replacing them now because they are beat-up and loose.) these new boots are shiny and soft and comfy and make my feet look tiny and oddly futuristic, but i find myself thinking that the tops are too loose. i guess i could indulge in some skinny jeans so that i could tuck them in, but i don't know if that is really me. cam shrugs and thinks i should keep them, but... i've never had this problem of excess space at the top of my boots, so i'm feeling a little wishy-washy. thank goodness for zappos' nice return policy. this could take a while.



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