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open mouth

a couple of weeks ago, i began to think about making our own baby food to give nola some more variety in her diet. she was happily eating rice cereal and tofu and mashed potatoes, etc. etc. etc. but it was time for something else.

then i decided that maybe i'd buy a jar or something or other and see how she liked it. much less labor-intensive.

but before i could make any kind of change (other than buy more rice cereal and baby oatmeal), the girl suddenly decided she wanted table food. no more soupy cereal for her. this morning, she shared cam's bran flakes (he uses soy milk). this evening, she ate about a quarter of my roasted veggie sandwich. in fact, because i don't eat dairy or eggs, she can eat just about everything (provided it's soft enough, of course) i eat.

the girl still has a healthy appetite for milk -- i pump 4-5 times a day and breastfeed on demand when possible. it just never occurred to me that at just about nine months she'd also have a healthy appetite for food -- MY food, in particular. if she keeps this up, soon i'll be lucky if i get a quarter of my own sandwich.



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