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polite acknowledgments

since paul is now in kindergarten and is writing in a regular basis, i decided that this would be the time for paul to learn how to write his own thank-you notes. i printed out some lined paper (complete with that cute little dotted line in the middle) for him to use. he is supposed to be doing some writing practice over his winter break, so i figured that this would cover it. we'd just send photocopies of his work to his teacher when school started again.

sounds like a good idea, right?

can i just say that this is one of the most painful activities i have ever invented? jesus h. christ. watching him futz and fiddle and generally waste his time and my time while trying to avoid doing anything is seventh level of hell kind of stuff. what's worse is that we can't simply abandon this project because that would show him that it's okay to 1) be ungrateful, and 2) be a brat about things he doesn't want to do because we'll "save" him from it. bullshit. so on we trudge, with threats of returned gifts and gritted-teeth encouragement for the stuff he does grudgingly write.

that said, his letters are fabulous. i would be THRILLED to get one.



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