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suitable occasion

last night cam and i had dinner at red robin (i know it's totally basic, but i do love a boca burger and steak fries) and walked around a mall. by ourselves. young love, it's rad. (we had wanted to go see "gran torino," but decided that it was too long.)

after dinner, i tried on several suit jackets at macys. (i've become obsessed with getting a suit. clearly i watch too much "what not to wear.") one jacket fit nicely enough that i decided to try on the pants and the shirt that came with it. cam liked it and i did, too, but in the end i decided i didn't love it. i did fall in love with another suit, but they didn't have my size. cam wanted me to buy it anyway because he thought the jacket looked fine, but i opted against it. i would have felt better about buying it if they had, say, the sizes surrounding mine so that i could have at least gotten a better idea of how it was supposed to fit, but since they only had the larger size, i felt like i wasn't sure what the final picture was supposed to be. (does that make any sense?) i tried to find the suit online when i got home, but no dice.

it was nice evening, even if i didn't get a suit to show for it. it's always such a treat to spend time with cam that isn't just commuting time.



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