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paul loves pajamas -- the kind with a button-down shirt. he just got his first pair (red with polar bears -- makes me think of coca cola) in mid-december because he needed to wear pjs for a kindergarten "pajama party." he liked them so much i got him a camo pair on sale from garnet hill (love that site, but damn, the prices are a bit much).

it's amazing how hard it is to find that style of pajamas, and once you find them, it's amazing how expensive they can be. the ones from target are thin polyester -- they started out soft, but after a while they just feel kind of nubby. the garnet hill ones are cotton flannel, nice and thick. paul asked for more, but i haven't found any to his specifications. instead i keep coming across these ugly spongebob or spiderman ones that are just polyester long-sleeve t-shirts and matching pants. what's wrong with the button-down kind? is it just too hard to fit a licensed character on them?


paul's latest thing is to wear the camo top with the red pants -- or the red top with the green pants. he comes to show me, and then triumphantly cackles when i say, "hey, you don't match!" why is this so funny? i laugh at his exuberance, but part of me is thinking, "oh, you cute little dork."



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