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musical tastes

nola clearly spends too much time with my mother.

last weekend nola cried so hard in the car she threw up all over herself. yesterday my mother drove her around without incident.

the secret to my mother's success? a david archuleta cd, apparently.

today i rode in the car with my mother and nola. nola was fussy until the cd started then she "sang" along and babbled in the silences between songs. she was so content, she passed out.

tomorrow we're going to moreno valley for my grandmother's birthday. it's a long drive, so we've armed ourselves with david archuleta's voice on my ipod -- a fact i fear will make the drive even longer. (cam plans to arm himself with headphones.) this evening nola crawled over to my laptop and somehow got his songs a-playing. when she drowsed off, i changed the music over to jason mraz -- and she woke up, crying!

i don't have anything against david archuleta, but i don't have anything for him, either. alas. i knew i should have bought a david cook cd way back when.



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